About Us

Skytech is a Turn-Key- Automation Solution Company Headquartered in Bangalore, India, operating in Industrial Control & Automation solution providers for the application verticals like, Power, Water, Energy Management, process, Motor Management, Pharma, Food, Beverages, Environment, Etc.

Skytech is one of the largest Engineering Companies as India's biggest Solution Provider of GE Intelligent Platform for control and automation needs as well as channel partner of Danfoss for all motor management solutions Operating in an around South India, Extending service across the World.

Skytech resulted from 1997 merger of GE Fanuc of USA as a system house later turned one of the top solution providers in South Asia. The Company has automation, panel building production shop floor of 12,000sq feet have successfully implemented matrix structure in their organization having individual department to handle project right from Design till Commissioning.

The main focus of Skytech business is to provide customers for control and automation, MCC, Plant Optimization and Industry – Specific Automation application.